Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia and is a rapidly developing location with new shopping complexes and hotels being added at a very fast rate. Copper and Cobalt as well as gemstones provide a strong resource for the economic growth. As well as this there is an active farming sector.

Janey and Evans Mukumba have a ministry which has been in operation for some years where they produce quality childrens programmes where the Scriptures are sung and taught, frequently using local children but also puppets which they make themselves.

They have purchased a sizeable plot on which they hope to build a house and a filming studio, in that order. This priority is most suitable to them as they are having to pay a sizeable rent to the owners of their present property and by moving into their own house they will save on outgoings and be able to use the funds to invest in their ministry instead.

Janey is from Perthshire and her husband Evans is from Zambia. They have just recently given birth to twins. They are commended from Tayside Christian Fellowship in Perth.

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